Dynamic Rope

The role and life of a rope has changed over the years since EDELRID first invented the kernmantel rope back in 1953. Back then you didn’t want to fall and the rope was there more as a mental support, a fall wasn’t wanted. In the 1960s and early 70s gear started to develop making the possibility of falling not so life threatening as it had been.



The basic principles for the responsible production of innovative, high performance products, like climbing ropes, are quality and safety. EDELRID has been following this creed or more than 146 years, and the rope - along our comprehensive experience in its production - is the heart and soul of our traditionally rich brand. To further extend our demands on quality and safety we are cooperating with the Swiss Bluesign® Technologies AG. As the first rope manufacturer world wide we have succeeded to launch a collection of ropes that fulfill the stringent bluesign® standard. This Standard guarantees that throughout all production procedures, all raw materials from the single fibers through to treatments are vetted, ensuring only the most environmentally friendly processes possible are being used.




With their new series of ropes and treatments Edelrid are combating a lot of these challenges making ropes to satisfy every climbers needs.



Custom rope products

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