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Battle Rope / Power Rope 15m: Heavy

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Following the success of John Brookfield’s Battling Ropes system, rope training systems have gained huge popularity in the UK. Our battling ropes are 15m lengths. Longer and shorter lengths are available by request


John Brookfield declares that “The Battling Ropes System is a complete strength and conditioning program like no other. Results will come to absolutely anyone who trains on the Battling Ropes. The system allows the world-class athlete or competitor to push their limits to the point of failure in a safe manner. However, the Battling Ropes System allows the average person wishing to lose a few pounds and get in better shape a user-friendly workout as well. Simply put, the Battling Ropes can be used by anyone regardless of their goals. The reason for this is because you control the system, it does not control you.”



Ropelocker are proud to be able to support you in participating in this new training system by providing a wide range of suitable ropes.



Which battling rope??



Ropes are either synthetic or natural fibres. We can supply either. The benefit of the natural fibres are that they can be slightly cheaper and are also available in larger diameters. The synthetic fibres have the benefit of not shedding so are ideal for use indoors. It is possible to sheath a natural fibre rope for use indoors. Please call for more information.



This page is for our natural fibre battling ropes. You may wish to visit our other gym rope pages for our synthetic battling ropes.



Available ropes…



Manila Battling Rope



Available in 24mm, 36mm and 42mm. A natural fibre which can be quite coarse to handle and it is recommended that you wear gloves for training until your hands toughen up a bit. Will shed fibres so best used outdoors. Will shrink if it gets wet and should not be left outdoors for long periods as the fibres will degrade.



Natural Hemp Battling Rope



A 4 strand rope like the ones you used to climb in school. A soft natural fibre. Available in 28mm and 36mm diameter. Will shed fibres so best used outdoors. Should not be left outdoors for long periods as the fibres will degrade.





For more info/ media clips on the battling ropes system , different ropes and different exercises please see the official system training page at





All our ropes are 15m long and finished with adhesive lined heatshrink on both ends. The heatshrink should not be used as a handle during training - you should hold the rope itself.



Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss a custom length not specified in the variations above.


  • Model: Battling Rope
  • Manufactured by: ropelocker

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