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Natural Fibre Rope: Manila rope, Sisal Rope, Jute Rope and Hemp Rope

Natural fibre rope is, as it sounds, rope made from natural fibres. The natural fibres used include manila, cotton, hemp, jute and sisal.

Natural fibre ropes have been used throughout history before the advent of synthetic fibres. Natural rope still has many applications including decking, decorative rope work, cat scratching posts, climbing ropes and clothing manufacture.

You can buy all of our ropes, including cotton rope, online and include spliced ends where required. If you need any help, just call. Sisal rope is a popular choice for replacing rope on cat scratch posts. All natural fibre ropes measure larger than their stated diameter as they are measured under tension on the machines during manufacture and the fibres can swell when the tension is released. We offer a free sample service so that you can get a small piece of our rope to test before you buy.




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