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28mm Decking Rope | Outdoor rope

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28mm Decking Rope

Decking rope which looks superb in your garden! Made to look and feel like a natural fibre rope but with the added benefits of being weather resistant. Our 28mm decking rope is suitable for use with our 28mm decking rope fittings.

What is decking rope?

Decking rope is a synthetic hemp rope for decking (polyhemp) which looks like the nautical ropes of old.

Modern rope production methods mean that you won't suffer from the shrinkage or snapping often associated with traditional natural fibre ropes.

NB: Our ropes are all manufactured to the stated diameter, however, when they are cut to length the fibres swell and they may be bigger than you expect. Please don't drill your holes until you have received the rope or ask us for a sample if you need to check that the rope will fit in existing holes. For example: a 28mm rope will not fit through a 28mm hole!  You will need either a larger hole or a smaller rope. Holes will need to be at least 5mm larger than the diameter of your rope. 

Which decking rope ends shall I choose?

Decking ropes are cut and sealed properly with our hot knife so you don't need to have anything on the ends. If you're choosing decking rope fittings it is best to select 'none' for the rope ends as the rope will then fit in to the fittings you choose.

However, you may prefer your rope to look more decorative or to have a function so some of our end choices may be more suitable. We can arrange to fit these for you if you're not sure about doing it yourself. We charge a nominal fee of £4.50 per end to fit your fixings for you.


Decking Rope special features :

  • Long lasting
  • Traditional rope appearance
  • Floats
  • Soft on the hands- great for kid's play areas
  • UV resistant
  • Synthetic product that looks and feels like a natural fibre rope
  • Will not shrink like natural fibre rope
  • Perfect nautical look for decking areas
  • Easy to splice

Colours available :

  • Natural

To read more about choosing the correct decking rope, visit our blog pages 

Can I cut a deck rope myself?

Yes, you can. We cut all of our ropes with our electric hot knife and its worth investing in one if you have lots of ropes to cut. However, cutting your decking rope to the desired length is fairly easy. We suggest you mark the rope where you want to cut then tape the rope securely using either masking tape or duct tape on either side of this mark. Pull the tape as tight as you can and make sure you wrap around the rope 3 or 4 times. Cut between the two rows of tape using a fine tooth saw, bread knife or sharp bladed knife. Before removing the tape, use a heated blade, gentle blow torch flame or possibly a lighter to gently melt the cut end. Use an old blade to smooth the end of the rope and remove any lumps or bumps. When the molten fibres have set hard (30-40 seconds) you can remove the tape. This is all best done outdoors or in a well ventilated area.



  • Model: 28mm decking rope
  • Manufactured by: ropelocker

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