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Edelrid Powerloc Expert SP Accessory Cord

Jess H.
Lovely cord which I use for prussiks. I like the great range of colours.

Marlow Doublebraid Rope

Saj B.
Love this rope! Nice to handle and when my husband shouts pull the red one, the colours are very easy to see. Thanks ropelocker...

Mini Jute Twine (tiddler) 15m approx

Gail D.
I am delighted with the four colours I ordered. They are perfect for gift wrapping and other decorative purposes. The colours are bright and attractive. At just £1 they would also make a great gift for friends who are also striving for sustainable gift giving and wrapping. Good as a stocking filler for Christmas! ...

GP12 Black. 12-strand HMPE rope

Saj B.
Great product. Stays black unlike many dyneema ropes which lose their colour very quickly.

Colourline cord

Katie A.
I needed some kind of chain or cord to hang heavy plastic cases from for an exhibition for weeks on end without fraying or breaking, and these worked wonders. The vibrant block colours were also perfect for what I needed them for. Ordered more now...

Decking Rope: Outdoor rope 16mm-36mm

Oliver M.
Purchased to go around my deck. Lovely looking rope which doesn't shrink like my old one. Thanks for all your help and advice...


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